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Information was conve far more swiftly and dramatically. winnipeg personal trainer Just as the br band below launched into something he did recognize--The Ride of the Valkyries--it was silenced by double sonic booms reverberating low off the surrounding hills. What the was that? Quinn shouted. But there was no one beside him to answer. Nate was already tearing down the path toward the park. Nicky Pentland, forty-year-old vice president of marketing forRingland Freizeit und Familienpark AG, straightened his Florentine silk tie, patted his prematurely distinguished silver hair and breathed a discreet sigh of relief. So far, this morning's VIP tour looked like being a major success. All that remained now was the grand finale in the Götterdämmerung winnipeg personal trainer Theater, followed by a gourmet luncheon in Wotan's Hall of Heroes. Then, thank you all very much for coming, he could shepherd his flock back into their corporate limos and get back to some real work. Watch your step, Frau Henkel, he said in his serviceable German, smiling as he exerted himself to hand a stout, pixie-haired woman out of a little Viking boat. Hope we didn't get you too wet. Ja, ja! The woman squeezed Nicky's helping hand and gave a falsetto laugh. But it was worth it! And you, Herr Henkel, also a good sport I hope? The husband, Nicky knew, was legal counsel for Droppel-Werke, a prime park construction contractor, and a man who in the past year had twice threatened litigation. Ja, sehr gut. The lawyer's minimal smile did not match the gleam of residual excitement behind his gold-rimmed bifocals. Herr Henkel had been winnipeg subjected to stimulation, Nicky decided, and quite recently. But there was nothing very Sherlockian in the deduction. For the climax of Ringland's Rhine Cruise, the boats splashed down into the Grotto and drifted on submerged tracks past a plexigl tank containing fifty thousand liters of water and google a trio of buxom Rhinemaidens. Ride safety engineers had finally resolved how long each shift of girls should remain submerged using concealed breathing tubes, but there was still a lively debate over the minimum size for their gilded halters and scaly mermaid bottoms. Nicky remained dockside until the last boat had emptied, seldom glancing at ID tags as winnipeg personal trainer he greeted each guest by name. Indeed, while extending his helping hand and chatting, his mind was absorbed in ride-capacity calculations. There were twenty people to a boat. Today, with a bit over fifty in his tour, they had needed only three boats, and by his watch they had been cycled at one-minute intervals. At peak operating efficiency, however, the ride engineers had promised the Rhine Cruise could process a boat every twenty seconds, including onloading and offloading. This meant a hundred eighty boatloads per hour, or thirty-six hundred bodies. Of course, ride contractors always inflated their estimates, Nicky knew. Forty percent of promised capacity was industry average. That would still total nearly fifteen hundred people an hour, an acceptable throughput. And fifteen hundred very happy people, judging by these faces, ready to spend freely on FBMs--food, beverage and merchandise. For this lot of high-powered executives and spouses invited from Ringland's major vendors and contractors were trooping off to the next attraction like so many mesmerized kids, chattering away and clutching their press kits. Even old Van Spaak had seemed mildly amused--thank heaven, since he controlled the Belgian bank that had helped underwrite Ringland's initial share offering to the European Community. The big effects, naturally, had elicited the most oohs and aahs--Magic Fire, the trajecting, parabolic Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla with its thunder and lightning display, the animatronic Fafner dragon. But the